Catch ‘n Release: The Game

(Dr. Savanna Jamison Casebook Murder Mysteries)

By Sarah Howery Hart

(writing as Susan Hart Hellman)

In this first novel in a series of psychological murder mysteries, Dr. Savanna Jamison, Southern California behavioral neuropsychologist, defense witness, and unintentional underground sleuth, is called upon to help defend a strange-looking, possibly brain-damaged man, killer of a girl in a sleazy bar. It seems like a clear-cut case: killer grabs knife off bar; killer stabs girl; dozens of witnesses see him do it; killer is headed for death row. Case closed.

But this case is far from closed. Savanna accepts the assignment, dons her newest Armani miniskirt, and sets out to work, only to find that the evidence has gone missing; most of the eye witnesses are clueless; the bartender is leading a suspicious sounding double life. And, the victim and her sorority sisters have been playing a complicated, dangerous little game, Catch ’n Release. And this is the good news.
The situation becomes even worse when Savanna unknowingly becomes caught up in the game, and receives several death threat notes delivered in a most unconventional way.

In the meantime, Savanna is being stalked by a killer she previously helped convict, who has been released from his life sentence on a little-known technicality.

And, clear to everyone but her, Savanna’s new romantic relationship is falling apart. It appears that everyone is playing some version of one game or another, each with a common goal: catch what you can, release what you don’t want, and never, ever be the one to get caught.